A team of international experts in many different professions have forged ahead with the creation of the largest ever team of investigators and fact finders. Using PopUp ICE as a platform, along with two billion game players and all those using social media, anyone can tap into sources of information only dreamed of before. And it can all be done online. ICE stands for ‘InterContinental Eyes.

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Mystery Owner of Sherlock Holmes House: For 5 years no one knew. It is now disclosed that the owner is the daughter of the former President of Kazakhstan and then her son. Where did the money come from to purchase such a mansion? Croatia arrested Jonathan Taylor on InterPol instructions from Monaco. He was the whistle blower of oil bribes. Is he innocent and this is strictly revenge, or is he now a criminal on the run? Does anyone know why former IMF Executive Director Jacques de Groote was freed and the others still guilty? Did the German based company Wirecard do real business in the Philippines or was it a house of cards? Should Wirecard be named Wildcard – does anyone know the real answer on where is the $2billion? Why is The Vatican refinancing their mortgages and why do they own property here? Who are the real profiteers of the sale of ivory from the killing of the elephants?

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